De-Stress Your Life


A supportive 12-week online program to learn transformative techniques to manage chronic pain and stress.

Discover the world of holistic pain management and self-care techniques for stress relief.



It’s time to live a pain and stress-free life

Are you ready to finally have the tools to manage chronic pain and stress so that you no longer have to live your life feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and in pain? 

Maybe you’ve been prioritizing everyone else’s needs first and it’s taking a toll on your wellbeing.  

You know how relieving it would feel to finally get the support and help you need to make big changes in your life for the better.  

Now is the time to learn new self-care techniques and gain holistic knowledge to make personal and lifestyle changes that stick with you, so that you can break through stress and chronic pain for good.

Life can and should feel easier....


You’ve been living with symptoms of overwhelm, anxiety, and chronic pain for too long.  

You’re living with a “we just do” mentality where you feel the need to numb out your feelings in order to make everyone else happy, and are afraid to put the spotlight on you and your problems.  

But you know that what you’ve been doing up to this point isn’t working and that you are sabotaging your efforts by waiting for the “ideal time” to get the support and answers you desperately need.  

You’re ready for support so that life feels easier. Exactly how it should be.


Support is here to help you transform your life 



This is your opportunity to discover how to holistically manage your stress and chronic pain inside De-Stress Your Life - a supportive 12-week transformative online program. 

You’ll receive undivided attention and support for your unique needs and a safe place to take action and make progress on this journey to transform your life. 

 De-Stress Your Life offers a proven online framework to expertly guide you to manage and heal chronic pain and stress through an integrated system of gentle yoga, meditation, and mindfulness…

Think of me as your guide to help you unlock the answers within but also be your teacher to demonstrate and give you tips along the way.


Imagine how life feels when you have the right support


Imagine being able to wake up each day pain-free and without the weight of the world on your shoulders, whilst still being able to balance your personal and professional relationships. 

Life suddenly becomes easier when you find sustainable ways to manage chronic pain and stress.  

You no longer have to live with overwhelm, anxiety, and chronic pain when you have support and a newly-found motivation to learn and integrate a holistic routine to build strength and flexibility in both body and mind.   

Once you receive this support, everything changes.


The online and one-on-one course is delivered through: 

  • 3 or 6 VIP one-on-one Zoom sessions with me over the span of the course (You will choose).  Each session will be recorded and sent to you within 24-48 hours so you can sit back, listen and connect with me without needing to taking notes 
  • A library of almost 50 on-demand videos featuring gentle yoga and muscle re-balancing classes, breathing techniques, mindfulness and guided relaxation techniques  
  • Workbooks and resources to support your learning and transformation 
  • Weekly email check-ins from me to help you stay motivated and supported 
  • 6 Personalized SOS videos from me for those times that you need me to answer your questions via video.  This is also great for times when you aren’t able to do yoga postures during our One-on-One sessions (maybe your at the office, or in your car, etc.) and you need me to demonstrate and explain a posture OR you can record yourself doing a posture and need me to analysis and explain further. 

Plus These Special Bonuses

 Bonus Self-Care Exclusive Lecture Videos

These bonus videos that you can’t get anywhere and are filled with a ton of actionable tips on Self-Care, Mindfulness and Managing Chronic Pain. 

  • "Tips on Getting More Rest, Peace and Patience in your busy day" and
  • "3 Things You May Be Doing Wrong that can worsen lower back pain"

These bonus Self-Care Lecture Videos - Strategies for managing stress, anxiety and chronic pain holistically are valued at $97

Bonus E-Guide: Love and Accept Yourself Now: No Matter How Much You Weigh

  • This special bonus is all about managing your emotions when it comes to eating.
  • ​​This e-guide is geared towards women who are stressed and feeling the negative effects of it on their health.
  • The following guide is not a specified weight loss plan, nor is it an exercise plan.
  • This bonus hones in on areas that work together with those such as our habits and the emotions behind them giving you a ton of practical tips for you to start implementing right away.


This bonus E-Guide: Love and Accept Yourself Now: No Matter How Much You Weigh is valued at $97

30 Day Self-Care Challenge

  • Downloadable Checklist with
  • Easy to implement self-care tips and strategies 


This 30 Day Self-Care Challenge is valued at $17


I am only accepting a limited amount of women at a time


Here’s Testimonials from students I’ve taught in person over the past 18+ years

Testimonial Image of Students Doing Eagle Pose

"Thank you for bringing yoga into my life.  It really helps me be aware of my body and mind, stay calm, and improve my mood.  I'm lucky to have known you and had you as my yoga teacher." Camille B.

Testimonial Image of Student Doing Half Moon Series

“I look forward to my weekly yoga class with Jen. She is so kind and gentle and understanding and makes everyone feel comfortable, always reminding us that we are each on our own unique journey. Every week I leave her class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. And I know I can comfortably challenge myself at my own pace with her guidance. She is a wonderful teacher and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for support in bringing balance and strength into their life”. Jenna K 

Testimonial Image of Student in Triangle Pose Variation

“I am a recently retired 65 year old who was seeking opportunities to improve and enhance my overall physicality – strength, balance and flexibility. Jen’s caring and individual approach towards each of her students is remarkable.” Kathy R.  

Testimonial Image of Student in Warrior Pose Variation with a Chair

“It’s been 4 years now and I can do more advanced poses.  It’s also been a big boon for my mental health. Jen is extremely friendly and upbeat. Class consists of centering, warmups, asanas, breathing and relaxation. Jen gives each student individual attention and offers easy, medium and harder options for each pose.” Sierra

Testimonial Photo of Students Doing Variations of Dancer's Pose

“Here's what I love Jen's online yoga program and membership. I have an ever changing schedule and it is wonderful to be able to practice when I have time and in the comfort of my home. The videos are great and easy to follow. Thanks Jen for making this possible. Namaste.” Cathy

Testimonial Image of Student Doing Bridge Pose Variation

“I had a total knee replacement almost 5 years ago and had decreased strength and flexibility and turned to yoga to help regain it. I have improved immensely. Jen developed a plan to help me meet my goals. She is knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and fun! I have seen continued improvement in my strength and flexibility since working with her.” Sue D.

Hey Empathetic Lady!  I'm Jen James and the founder of Celestial Yoga.


I'm a certified yoga and meditation teacher for over 18 years now plus a health and wellness coach. 

I help empathetic women manage their stress and chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain holistically with gentle yoga, mindfulness and self-care techniques. 

I decided a long time ago, to devote myself to learning all I could about stress and pain management so I could become the expert I needed to help me overcome minor depression, various eating disorders and getting my body into alignment after previous broken bones, surgeries and various neck, back and shoulder issues that I dealt with my entire life. 

I started putting together the pieces and discovered the physical and mental struggles I dealt with my entire life could be alleviated holistically. It wasn’t just theoretical. The proof was in the pudding. I became stronger and more flexible, mentally and physically, every week I practiced. I was thrilled with these results, but knew I wasn’t done. 

I continued to refine my approach and further my education to learn more about pain management. 

That’s when I discovered an innovative approach to pain management called muscle rebalancing. I then combined all of these into my teachings. 

The results were incredible. 

Anyway, that’s why I’m so passionate about helping women learn on-line how to tap into their power to heal themselves while utilizing my method of gentle yoga, mindfulness, self-care and muscle re-balancing. 

I want you to know that there's hope 

IT’S my goal to use my personal experiences and coaching expertise to teach you how to successfully manage your chronic stress and pain holistically.   Guiding you to manage how you care for yourself in between classes and doctor's appointments so that you can begin your unique healing process and feel more comfortable in your body, mind and soul.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


12 Weeks to De-Stress Your Life: Holistic Pain Management, Stress Relief, and Self Care Techniques Online and One-On-One Course and on-demand De-Stress Your Life video library

3 sessions with me at $947 or 6 sessions with me at $1397



These Bonuses

  • Bonus 1: Self-Care Exclusive Lecture Videos - $97 Value
  • Bonus 2: e-Guide: Love and Accept Yourself Now: No Matter How Much You Weigh - $97 Value
  • Bonus 3: 30 Day Self-Care Challenge Checklist - $17 Value

Total Value: $211 

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $1158 for 3 sessions with me OR $1608 for 6 sessions with me

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just: $947 for 3 sessions with me OR $1397 for 6 sessions with me



12 Weeks to De-Stress Your Life is for you if …..

  • You are ready to finally let go of overwhelm, anxiety, and put others' needs first, knowing that what you’ve been doing up to this point isn’t working so that you can handle the challenges that life gives you with more peace and ease holistically. 

  • You are ready to finally solve some of your chronic pain in common areas that are being overused and overstretched so that you can strengthen your muscles, give you flexibility, and be confident in the alignment techniques to manage chronic pain that you've learned in the program and library.

  • You are ready to finally let go of feeling the need to numb out feelings, self-sabotage, make everyone else happy PLUS live by the inherited motto "we just do" mentality so that you can get the support and answers you desperately need from a kind and supportive professional with over 18 years teaching Gentle Yoga and Mindfulness techniques.

this is not for you if …..


  • You’re not ready to learn ways to live a simpler life
  • You’re not ready to change your anxiety, stress, and overwhelm holistically and naturally
  • You are happy to continue living with chronic pain and believe that taking medication is the only way to manage the symptoms.
  • You are only interested in hot, fast and flowy type yoga classes and think that gentle yoga is only for old and frail women.
  • You believe that putting other needs before yourself is a fine way to live and you don’t think that having boundaries at home and work is that important or even doable.


Enroll in


12 Weeks to De-Stress Your Life: Holistic Pain Management, Stress Relief, and Self Care Techniques Online and One-On-One Course and on-demand De-Stress Your Life video library




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Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be happy with your Service and Program so I offer a full refund minus a cancellation fee at any time prior to the release of the 2nd week course module. If for some reason you wish to withdraw from the Program, you may request a full refund of payment made to date minus a $200.00 cancellation fee by sending an e-mail stating the reasons you are not satisfied

Frequently Asked Questions

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