Self-Care Strategies for Managing Stress, Anxiety and Chronic Pain Holistically

Your Jumpstart Guide to Cultivate Real Self-Love Within


Have you been dealing with stress and anxiety due to the pandemic (or maybe even longer)?


Are you suffering from chronic pain in the back, neck, hips, shoulders (or hello! all of these places) for a while now? 


I created this guide and videos to help women who want to step into a healthier way of caring for their stress, anxiety and chronic pain while nurturing a deeper sense of self-love.


In Your Jumpstart Guide to Cultivate Real Self-Love Within, it includes:

  • An overview of managing stress and chronic pain holistically
  • What is mindfulness and tips you can use right away (plus a guided meditation video that I've been teaching for at least 15 years now)
  • The importance of self-care and how you can easily incorporate it into your busy day (along with a stress busting breathing exercise you can do almost anywhere) 
  • How you can manage chronic pain with my approachable style of gentle yoga (included is a mini yoga class for those times that you need a quick break from sitting to long)

Grab your Jumpstart Guide and Videos so that you can learn some self-care strategies to manage stress, anxiety and chronic pain holistically.

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Your jumpstart guide to cultivate real self-love within

Self-care strategies for managing stress, anxiety and chronic pain holistically 

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