Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Common Household Products

eco-friendly alternatives to common household products eco-friendly household products healthy life natural cleaning natural home products natural household products Sep 14, 2022
Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Common Household Products

Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Common Household Products



I know you probably have wondered if they’re were ways to care for the environment, your home (and your body) without breaking the bank!  Fearing that your household cleaners, items, and skin care may not be the safest choice for you and your family. 


👉This week I go over Eco-friendly Alternatives to Common Household Products👈


In case you're new to me or are just wondering who the heck I am, let me (re)introduce myself and where I'm coming from.


I'm Jen James of and a certified yoga and meditation teacher for over 18 years now and am a health and wellness coach too. 


My specialty is to help empathetic women manage chronic pain and stress through a holistic approach with gentle yoga exercises, mindfulness and self-care techniques.


👉This week I go over Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Common Household Products👈


❤️ I chose today's topic because I too want to live a simple, healthy, stress-free life. I’ve suffered from so many allergies that I needed to figure out healthy alternatives to clean our home and care for my skin that won't break the bank but are also good for the environment. 


👉Shortly, I’m going to give you some practical tips that have worked for me through the years that I think you will enjoy👈

I’ve learned the hard way that I am very sensitive to chemicals of all kinds.

For my face, I break out in pimples and rashes if I use anything but hydraulic acid and shea butter.  I can use a natural sunblock stick but sparingly.

I’ve also learned that I can’t wear costume jewelry, sterling silver, or 18 carat gold jewelry (unless it’s made with the good stuff, go figure!)  Most jewelry that’s easily available has some form of nickel in it which I’m allergic to.  I break out in hives and welts whenever I wear this jewelry.  

I also suffer from horrible headaches whenever I’m near anyone wearing perfume or fake scented candles. I even get headaches from candles that aren’t lit!

Whenever I shave my bikini area I break out in pimples and a rash.  Very uncomfortable.

Essential oils are a great alternative if you need to have beautifully scented things around you but remember, many people and animals have sensitivities to essential oils also.

This has all led me to seek out ways I can live a natural and holistic life without buying expensive products (that have “fragrance” in their ingredients which could mean anything).


👉Read below where I give you some actionable steps you can use right away.👈

I’m going over some budget-friendly options for natural cleaning and beauty products.  

It is helpful to also care for your body, inside and out, and to treat your home with the same attention and affection.

Natural products are especially helpful if you have any allergies or sensitivities to chemicals. 

Below are some helpful tips and tricks that are a critical part of living a simple, healthy, stress-free life.


Copper + Cast Iron Cookware 

Ditch those scary non-stick-coated pans and opt for more natural alternatives. 

Here’s an Article from Healthline that discusses the dangers of non-stick cookware.  

I love Copper and Cast Iron Pans! 

Copper pans are naturally non-stick, affordable and a breeze to clean, but nothing browns the way cast iron pans do. 

I use both. 

Invest in some if you do not already own them and see if you can find some second-hand pieces in good condition for sale. They will last you an incredibly long time and are safe and healthy for cooking.

How I clean my cast iron pans is to put some coarse sea salt in them along with some water to form a paste.  Then I use my sponge and wipe it clean.  

I know there are some professionals out there that won’t agree with me but I do add a little bit of natural liquid soap and wash them immediately after I remove the gook (never leave soapy water in the pan it will cause them to rust)


Shea Butter

Shea butter is affordable and amazing for a multitude of uses. This is a great option in place of expensive creams and lotions. Shea butter can be used on your hands, body, and face alike. 

Here’s one I’ve been getting for years nowUsually, 1 container lasts me for about 5 months and I use it every day!  I wish it came in a better container because I limit my exposure to plastics.

Try shea butter in place of lotion for your hands and body and note the difference. It is incredibly affordable for a large amount and I have found it to be good for hair, too! 


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is not just for cooking, it also has benefits for hair, skin, and our bodies. Coconut oil can be used as a sunburn remedy, a personal lubricant, a hair mask, and so much more.

This week, try to utilize coconut oil for at least one thing to do with beauty and cleaning. While it can make a great hair mask I would not recommend it for thin hair as it may leave you feeling greasy. Repurpose coconut oil as a personal lubricant or even squeeze some drops into your essential oil and combine for use on hands and body. 

Coconut oil can be greasy so I always dab my hands on a towel afterward.



Vinegar is readily available and affordable for a plethora of cleaning uses such as general cleaning, laundry, deep cleaning appliances such as a stove and dishwasher and much more.

Utilize vinegar as a more affordable and likely more-effective replacement for a typical cleaner. Use it in your washing machine to help clean and deodorize your laundry and watch how great it works. It will save you time and money!


Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a natural toner for our face and body. It helps to prevent razor bumps, soothe bug bites, calm irritation and remove particles from excess makeup and dirt.

This week use Witch Hazel as a facial toner after your cleanser. Note how gentle it is on the skin and how soft and smooth your face will appear after using it. It’s also great to help clean up anything your cleanser missed. 


Sea Salt

Sea salt is incredibly versatile and great for oral health in addition to having exfoliation properties for the skin. Not to mention the coarse particles work wonders on a greasy pan!

Sea salt makes a great scrub and exfoliant. I sprinkle fine sea salt on my cast iron pan, use a wet towel and then I’m able to wipe up most of the grease so it doesn’t clog the drain. Some say that sea salt consists of natural healing elements and makes it a perfect natural ingredient to be used for therapeutic treatments and beauty products.

As you probably know by now, this is my preferred method for skin scrubs.

I truly believe that what we put on our skin and the air we breathe is just as important to what we put in our bodies.


A Final Note about Chemical Sensitivity

If you find yourself breaking out in rashes, sneezing, coughing, or itching a lot, it may be something in your environment. 

Pay close attention to the new use of candles, fake scents, soap with perfume, scented detergents and more.

Have headaches, sinus, skin irritations? 

Get tested for allergies from a doctor of course but start noticing what products your using or are around you. 

Lotions, candles, cleaning products & lawn care – aesthetics at all costs? Not me! I avoid all the fake stuff whenever possible. 







I hear all the time how intimidating holistic living can seem to be and how hard it is too squeeze into your busy life.

I have a weekly blog and private group where I cover holistic living and almost every week go live covering yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and/or self-care.  

This blog and community are filled with simple and approachable tips, techniques and practical holistic living advice.


Share your experience with me in the comments below, or send me a private message and let me know how you feel after you try out the tips and techniques I share weekly here.  ❤️


Have a beautiful day and Namaste,

Jen James

Celestial Yoga, LLC 



p.s.  ❤️ Feel free to reply back or send me a DM/PM if you have any questions or comments.  I'm here to listen.


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