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Looking for Approachable Yoga For Every Body? Benefits of Learning and Practicing Yoga with Jen

I've been teaching Approachable Hatha Yoga for Every Body to various ages, size and abilities for over 15 years and am also bringing my expertise on-line so I can serve more. I wish that when I started yoga, I had found someone who understood what it’s like to feel not enough. You know what I'm saying when you have those doubts and fears circling around in your mind .... "I'm not flexible enough, I'm not thin enough, I'm not good enough". I'm here to tell you YOU ARE FLEXIBLE ENOUGH. YOU ARE THIN ENOUGH AND YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. I get it that you may feel intimidated by yoga videos and classes out there. Worried that the instructor doesn't understand how to give many options for students to do so they feel safe & nurtured. Back when I started doing yoga over 20 years ago, I needed someone Approachable, Knowledgeable and Kind. I get it! Let me be that person for you.

We should all feel comfortable in our own bodies & enjoy the journey to Wellness .... More about Jen's journey to Wellness

Let me tell you a little about myself and the struggles I’ve gone through so far. My practice of yoga, meditation and loving kindness has saved my life. I’ve been doing yoga since my early 20’s and have been a registered yoga teacher since 2004. I received my 500 hour certification in 2017 and then became a Health & Wellness Coach in 2018. I’ve taught many people of all ages, sizes and abilities. I’ve OVERCOME many physical and mental struggles throughout my life. I’ve suffered through minor depression, eating disorders, several broken bones and surgeries … back, neck & shoulder issues. The list goes ON & ON …. My personal journey is just one example that my program works. Through my practice, I’ve learned to balance my hormones, increase my mental clarity, tone my body, increase my strength and lose weight and inches. I am on a path to wellness and would like you to join me. We should all feel comfortable in our bodies & enjoy the journey to health & well being. I want to share with you tricks & techniques I’ve learned along the way. Come join me on your own personal journey to wellness. Namaste, Jen
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We should all feel comfortable in our own bodies & enjoy the journey to Wellness .... More about Jen's journey to Wellness

Healthy Aging Membership with Celestial Yoga, LLC

Here's 1 Testimonial from a Beautiful Soul: "I love Jen's online yoga program and membership. I have an ever changing schedule and it is wonderful to be able to practice when I have time and in the comfort of my home. The videos are great and easy to follow. Thanks Jen for making this possible. Namaste, Cathy"
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Healthy Aging Membership with Celestial Yoga, LLC

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