The #1 thing holding you back from feeling good in your body now

Nov 09, 2022
The #1 thing holding you back from feeling good in your body now

The #1 thing holding you back from feeling good in your body now


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Stay tuned to find out the #1 thing that is probably holding you back from feeling good in your body and it’s probably not what you expect.


When we are more present and mindful it helps us dig deep and become aware of how we might be sabotaging our own sense of well-being.😌


Knowing that being mindful, present, and prioritizing everything🌷 helps you avoid mistakes (which leads to frustration) and injuries🤕 (which we would all like to avoid) 


Here are 5 areas of your life that you could bring more mindfulness and presence to

  1. Be Mindful and Present to How You Hold Everything:  Many of us, including me at one time, have rushed through tasks, lifted them incorrectly, and then ended up injuring ourselves.
  2. Pay Attention to How Your Work Station is Set Up: Especially when the pandemic hit and we were forced to throw together our work and school stations, many of us didn’t get a chance to make sure our desks were ergonomically correct.  Plus, a lot of our employers don’t have the budget for a professional ergonomically correct expert to come to our office and train everyone on how to set up their workstations.
  3. How Your Bed is Set Up Can Make the World of Difference:  Many women toss and turn at night partly due to the quality of their mattress and how they have their pillows set up.  Are there some things that you could invest in and set up better with your bed? 
  4. How do you Relax at Night and Do You Pay Attention to Your Alignment?:  I’ve seen a ton of women not be mindful of how they are relaxing at night and how their alignment is completely off. Are you sitting crooked on your chair or is your sofa lumpy and uncomfortable?
  5. Single-Tasking vs. Multi-Tasking: When we focus our energy and attention on something for a period of time (while being present and mindful) we tend to make fewer mistakes and actually save time and energy. Plus, our minds get into a repetitive, productive mode which then makes the task on hand more enjoyable and relaxing. 

Were you thinking that the #1 thing that is probably holding you back from feeling good in your body is not being more mindful and present?  🤔


Then you guessed correctly!👏


If you weren't sure, no worries at all.  🤗


Bringing awareness to being more mindful and present is the first step to feeling good in our bodies!


This is something I struggle🫠 with every day.


Being present🙌  and mindful is so challenging with everything vying for our attention and⚡️energy.


It’s so much easier said than done!🤷‍♀️


We all need help with bringing our attention and awareness to our breath and the present tense.❤️


When you work with me💞 you learn more about how important being mindful and present is to your physical health and wellness plus ways you can improve your physical health and wellness holistically and naturally. 🙌


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You may be asking what exactly is physical health and wellness. 🤔


Some of these ways I listed below👇 may be obvious to you but some may be things you’ve never thought of when it comes to what makes up your physical health and wellness (hint! It’s not just about your physical body).

  1. Physical wellness is when you recognize that you need physical activity, nutrition, and sleep in order to maintain your body’s physical function.
  2. Environmental wellness is all about being and feeling physically safe in your surroundings (community, workplace, country, and planet) plus having access to clean air, food, and water.
  3. Occupational wellness is when you feel personally satisfied and enriched with your work.
  4. Interest wellness is when you acknowledge your creative abilities and find ways to nurture your unique gifts, knowledge, and skills.


Once you receive this guidance and support, everything changes, and I will show you how — step by super fun step.


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What’s also cool is taking the first step under no pressure!😉


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I want to help you skip the learning curve, and start integrating a holistic routine to build strength and flexibility in both body and mind so that you can FINALLY live a Soulful and Impactful life🥰 — ASAP.


I promise: it’s not as hard as you think.🙂


But let me prove that to you!🤗


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Wishing you a beautiful day and Namaste,


Celestial Yoga, LLC



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