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“So glad I found Celestial Yoga and Jen James. 

I am so thankful for the wonderful gentle yoga class which has become my therapy and my refuge. 

In addition to my arthritis and back problems, my life and responsibilities right now have me under a great deal of stress. 

I never knew the relief that yoga could bring. 

I’ve tried all forms of exercise, but none has had the healing power of yoga. 

After only a few months, I feel so much better. 

Jen James is a wonderful instructor, a true professional and a caring person. 

Even the lilt in her voice has a calming effect as we end each session with relaxation.” 

Nancy H.

I started taking yoga classes with Jen last year to help relieve life stress. 

Eventually we included my 2 jack russells in class!

By the end of each session, both of them were so relaxed, they fell asleep.

I would definitely recommend Jen's teachings & techniques to relieve stress and find calm.”  

Teri M.

“As the stress in my life has grown, I knew I needed to find a way to help me. 

Knew very little about yoga, but thought it could help. 

Found Celestial Yoga. 

The best thing I have ever done! 

Jen is not only a wonderful instructor but a very caring individual. 

Her  calming presence, soothing voice and gentle exercises have allowed me to deal with my increasing stress in a more positive manner. 

Jen and the yoga experience have become an important presence in my life.” 


Hey there! I'm Jen James, and I'd love to share a bit about myself and why I'm the perfect guide for your transformative journey ... 

With almost 2 decades of experience teaching Gentle Yoga and meditation, I've worked with individuals in various settings, both one-on-one and in groups of all sizes, supporting people of different ages, sizes, and abilities.

Having personally experienced chronic illness, stress, and anxiety, I understand the challenges you may face. The loss of my mother has profoundly influenced my perspective on self-care and holistic well-being.

Through my personal journey, I've learned the consequences of ignoring problems and bring this wisdom to guide you.

Embark on a transformative journey of holistic self-care at your own pace, as you explore the guidance provided in this free e-guide, where I'll offer expertise, understanding, and empathy to support you along the way.

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