4 Reasons why joining an Exclusive Community is crucial to getting the support you need

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4 Reasons why joining an Exclusive Community is crucial to getting the support you need

When you are surrounded with other empathetic women in a positive and safe community while managing your chronic pain and stress holistically you can get back to being the soulful and impactful woman that you always wanted to be.


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Here’s 4 reasons why joining a safe and positive Exclusive Community with me is crucial to getting the support you need to managing your chronic pain and stress holistically:


(A) Connect with, share and inspire other empathetic women on a similar path as you in an intimate and safe environment. 

(B) Get advice on holistic living by me (and possibly other experts, at times) with inspiring seasonal Events, Workshops and Challenges that will be organized for you so you can watch live or catch a replay easily.

(C) Belong to a community that may include accountability tools so that you stay on track with others in the community - Keep motivated with habit trackers, progress wheels, and reminders.

(D) Get access to on-demand Resources (Gentle Yoga exercises, Meditations PLUS Breathing Exercises)


and so much more!


You’ve got plenty on your plate already, so why not let us handle inspiring and motivating you with these foundational elements in this beautiful community:


(1) self care and holistic living (physical and emotional health), 

(2) organizing and prioritizing and 

(3) stretching and mindfulness


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So you can FINALLY be on your way to managing your chronic pain and stress naturally. That way, you can get back to being a soulful and impactful woman you always wanted to be. I’m here to help! 🙌


In case you're new to me or are just wondering who the heck I am, let me (re)introduce myself and where I'm coming from.


I'm Jen James of Celestial Yoga, LLC, and a certified yoga and meditation teacher for over 18 years now and am a health and wellness coach too.💖


My specialty is teaching techniques to improve my students' lives holistically (personally, professionally, spiritually, in relationships, and more!) through Gentle Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Self-Care Techniques to make personal lifestyle changes that stick.


That’s why I’m in the process of building an upcoming positive and safe EXCLUSIVE online💻 community and I want you to be with me from the very beginning! 


In early 2023 is when I'm opening the doors to my NEW positive and safe online EXCLUSIVE community! 



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