My unique take on relieving stress and managing chronic pain

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My unique take on relieving stress and managing chronic pain

You want to manage your chronic pain and stress naturally while you save money and time but not sure where to start?



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I hear all the time that empathetic women like you are busy and worried that yoga and holistic living is expensive.


Well, my friend, I'm here to debunk these theories and offer you a great solution.😎


First of all, it’s important to know that I hear and see you.


You are a stressed woman that wants to make a difference in this world by caring for others but has a very busy schedule and is on a budget.


I get it.🤗


My goal is to provide you with actionable information that you can implement right away …. Not “fluff” that sends you in a million different directions.


You’re saving time by joining my upcoming EXCLUSIVE Community.


In our community you will be able to accomplish strength and flexibility in both your body and mind plus manage your chronic pain and stress, rather than taking shots in the dark and figuring things out on your own.


I truly believe that we either pay for our health now or later.


I’ve seen firsthand how investing in yourself can dramatically lead to feeling stronger, more flexible and balanced.  Joining this community will save you the frustration of trying to figure it all out on your own or on the “cheap”.


While you can get this from many different types of exercises, there is something special about gentle yoga.


There’s no need to hit the gym and push yourself with heavy weights or intense cardio.


🧘🏻‍♀️Gentle yoga can be relaxing and challenging at the same time while providing you with so many health benefits.


When I devoted myself to learning about and teaching yoga, it was to help myself overcome depression, various eating disorders and chronic pain I was suffering from.


That’s what I teach.😉




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Yes, yoga can be a🪷beautiful practice.


It’s also an internal journey that can lead to so much healing.  Gentle yoga can help you re-center yourself, gain strength, and flexibility and find peace.  That’s what I’m all about.

By investing in your health now, I will show you how to manage stress, pain, and time holistically with gentle yoga, stress management and holistic tips.


You’ve got plenty on your plate already, so why not let us handle inspiring and motivating you with these foundational elements in this beautiful community:


(1) self care and holistic living (physical and emotional health), 

(2) organizing and prioritizing and 

(3) stretching and mindfulness 


So you can FINALLY be on your way to managing your chronic pain and stress naturally? That way, you can get back to being a soulful and impactful woman you always wanted to be. I’m here to help.🙋‍♀️

In case you're new to me or are just wondering who the heck I am, let me (re)introduce myself and where I'm coming from.


❤️I'm Jen James of Celestial Yoga, LLC, and a certified yoga and meditation teacher for over 18 years now and am a health and wellness coach too.


My specialty is teaching techniques to improve my students' lives holistically (personally, professionally, spiritually, in relationships, and more!) through Gentle Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Self-Care Techniques to make personal lifestyle changes that stick.


That’s why I’m in the process of building an upcoming positive and safe EXCLUSIVE💻online community!



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