My Top 15 Tips to Declutter Your Mind and Free Up Some Mental Space So You Can Live Your Best Life Now: Mindfulness and Character Building (Week 1 of 3 Blog Series)

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My Top 15 Tips to Declutter Your Mind and Free Up Some Mental Space So You Can Live Your Best Life Now: Mindfulness and Character Building  (Week 1 of 3 Blog Series)

Mindfulness and Character Building

(Week 1 of 3 Blog Series)


Are you an anxious woman who's wondering how you can free up some mental space so that you can  learn to appreciate the little things, live more in the moment and make your life joyful (again)?


Over the next 3 weeks I’m going over


πŸ‘‰My Top Tips to Declutter Your Mind and Free Up Some Mental Space So You Can Live Your Best Life NowπŸ‘ˆ


In case you're new to me or are just wondering who the heck I am, let me (re)introduce myself and where I'm coming from.


I'm Jen James of Celestial Yoga, LLC, and a certified yoga and meditation teacher for over 18 years now and am a health and wellness coach too. 


My specialty is to help empathetic women manage chronic pain and stress through a holistic approach with gentle yoga exercises, mindfulness and self-care techniques.



πŸ‘‰This is Week 1 of My Top 15 Tips to Declutter Your Mind and Free Up Some Mental Space So You Can Live Your Best Life Now: Mindfulness and Character Building πŸ‘ˆ


πŸ‘‰ I chose these topics I’m covering over the next 3 weeks because I too have felt overwhelmed by my thoughts and my to do list.  I have (and still do at times) struggle with anxiety, worry and minor depression.  


The truth is...We all experience the occasional negative thought. But if you always feel overwhelmed, then you need to closely examine how these thoughts are negatively impacting your lifestyle.


Mental clutter can include all of the following: worrying about the future; ruminating about the past; keeping a mental to-do list; complaints; and so on. 



Fortunately, there are strategies and techniques you can use to clean out some space in your head.  Shortly I will go over my top tips on decluttering your mind so that you can free up some mental space.


First, I wanted to share with you a little bit about me and my struggles with worry, anxiety and depression.  I have struggled with anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, bulimia and drug addiction.  I’ve suffered physical, mental and sexual abuse since I was young and throughout my early to mid twenties.


These are all things that I have overcome but it took some time. 


I tell you this so that you can have some hope.


In general, I live a life of joy and peace.


I learned to lean on a few trusted and supportive people (and pets) in my life.  I learned how to ask for help, both personally and professionally (from a mental health expert)


I’ve come a long way but I know that life is a journey and a process.  There is always healing that needs to be done. 


I love and accept myself for where I am right now in this healing path.


Welcome to Week 1 of my Blog series on 


πŸ‘‰Decluttering Your Mind and Freeing Up Some Mental Space

This week is about Mindfulness and Character BuildingπŸ‘ˆ


Below are some of my top tips on de-cluttering your mind so you can stop feeling so overwhelmed, get more done, and gain more clarity. 


1. Be Mindful of What You Are Consuming


TV shows, movies, books, music, etc. start to ask yourself these important questions before you tune in.  Are they overly violent?  Do they discriminate?  Do they objectify women?  


I know that many of us grew up saying it’s ok, I’m at home and I can say and do whatever I want.  


Well …. Let me challenge that way of thinking.  


What we do and say at home trickles into all aspects of our lives and we then start getting comfortable acting a certain way in public and saying certain derogatory comments when were around family, friends and co-workers. 


So therefore, even at home we should be more mindful of what we are consuming and how it affects us and our relationships.


2.  Where’s the kindness?  


Watch how you talk to others (and yourself).


I was at the store today when I overheard a wife yell to her husband “I was pointing there so that you can pick up the mayonnaise” 


Another fun example is when I was out with my family member and how she spoke with our waitress.  My elderly family member would say to our young attractive waitress “do this …. , get me this …., what’s in this….?”  Never a please or thank you. 


I was so embarrassed that I would look the waitress in the eyes and say thank you so much or we appreciate your help.  The waitress was so patient and nice.  


I know that I cannot control others but I can help make a difference in an awkward situation.  


Now let’s dive into how we talk to ourselves.


Do you ever catch yourself saying things out loud (or in your head) “I’m not good enough”, “I can’t do that” or “I’m stupid”


This is no way to be talking to ourselves.


If and when you make mistakes, accept that you are human and move on.  No need to be mean to yourself.


3.  Don’t Judge or Try To Impress Others


It’s so easy to think of how you would handle things differently or wonder why someone does something a certain way but we all need to remember that everyone has something going on that they are struggling with.  


They may be overcompensating because they are lonely, sad or in physical pain.  They may have mental health challenges or physical limitations that make them act a certain way.  


We should be more patient, mindful and understanding when we are out and about.  


On the same token, please don’t try to impress others.  Why should you care what a stranger thinks of you? 


If this is a love one, friend or colleague that you’re trying to impress take some time to think about why you’re worrying about there judgements or opinions about you. 


Remember, other people’s opinions of us are there problems.


4.  Avoid negative conversations, gossip and generalizations  


If we are engaging in a conversation and see that it’s starting to head towards a negative spiral, gossip or generalization, switch the subject and move on.  


I’m not saying to be rude and judge but to gently steer the conversation in a more neutral or kind direction.  


I have one negative neighbor that no matter what we are talking about she will find something negative to talk about.  This could go on for a long time and honestly I don’t have the energy or time for this.  


After she speaks for a few minutes I gently find a topic in our conversation that I could find a kinder path we could take.  I gently sway the conversation in that direction.  


I also limit my exposure with negative people.    


5.  Never Justify Your Choices and Decisions


I know that it is all too easy to jump in and explain yourself to your love ones, friends and co-workers.


Maybe you feel that you are trying to impress someone or you feel like they are judging you on your choices or possibly you're afraid of hurting someone’s feelings.


These all are viable reasons for explaining yourself but what happens is it makes your point of view more watered down.  


Especially when you find the need to over-explain your view point.  


What could happen is the person you are talking to then loses focus on what you're saying and just tune you out.


Keep your opinion short, sweet and to the point.  


Then move on.













I hear all the time how intimidating holistic living can seem to be and how hard it is too squeeze into your busy life.




I have a weekly blog and private group where I cover holistic living and almost every week go live covering yoga, mediation, breathing exercises, and/or self-care.  




This blog and community are filled with simple and approachable tips, techniques and practical holistic living advice.



Share your experience with me in the comments below, or send me a private message and let me know how you feel after you try out the tips and techniques I share weekly here.  β€οΈ


Have a beautiful day and Namaste,


Jen James


Celestial Yoga, LLC 




p.s.  β€οΈ Feel free to reply back or send me a DM/PM if you have any questions or comments.  I'm here to listen.



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