3 Exercises for Upper Back Pain, Neck Pain, Tight Shoulders

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3 Exercises for Upper Back Pain, Neck Pain, Tight Shoulders

3 Exercises for Upper Back Pain, Neck Pain, Tight Shoulders


Do you suffer from chronic pain and feel that it’s confusing where exactly the problem stems from?


👉This week I go over 3 Exercises for Upper Back Pain, Neck Pain, Tight Shoulders👈



In case you're new to me or are just wondering who the heck I am, let me (re)introduce myself and where I'm coming from.


I'm Jen James of celestialyoga.org and a certified yoga and meditation teacher for almost 20 years and am a health and wellness coach too. 


My specialty is to help empathetic women manage chronic pain and stress through a holistic approach with gentle yoga exercises, mindfulness, and self-care techniques.


👉This week I go over 3 Exercises for Upper Back Pain, Neck Pain, Tight Shoulders👈



❤️ I chose today's topic because I know first hand what it's like to suffer with chronic pain and how sometimes we can get confused (or misinformed) of where the problem stems from.


There are other pain spots in our bodies that get over looked by the medical industry that when left untreated they can snowball into bigger problems down the road.


In a previous episode, I talked about pain that I had been dealing with in my upper arm area but was told by my chiropractor that it was a shoulder injury, which was true but not the only problem.  


For a couple months we focused on the shoulder area.


That being said, my pain would come and go and we couldn’t figure out why I kept re-injuring myself.


I was very frustrated, to say the least.  


But when I showed him exactly what was going on with me .... 


Where the pain was, and the symptoms I was having (ie. my arm felt "dead" when I would lift it up) he realized it was actually a muscle in my upper arm that was causing some problems too.  


Once we figured this out together I was able to properly manage my pain and help my body to start the healing process.


In a little bit, I’m gonna go over a few postures that have really helped me with the recovery process.  This process took time but it was well worth it.


Check out below, where I go over 3 Exercises for Upper Back Pain, Neck Pain, Tight Shoulders that I demonstrate in my Private Facebook Group


  1. We will first focus on warming up the neck and shoulder muscles so that they aren’t tight when we move on to stretching our muscles. 

It’s so important to warm-up muscles before stretching so that we don’t cause even more damage.

Think of your muscles as a rubber band.  

 If it’s really tight and you stretch it, it could break.

Muscles could get injured if they aren’t properly warmed-up.


  1. We will then move on to a few muscle re-balancing postures that have made the world of difference for me and my recovery.

 I call these Snow Angels, which are gentle movements that can be done lying down or standing

 We will do a wall arm stretch that my chiropractor showed me that I enjoy also.


  1. Next we move on to a couple of neck stretches that I’ve been teaching for a couple years now to my students in person and they love them. 

 These stretches are great with giving us more mobility in the neck area. 

 The first one is called the “Oh My” stretch - think, Scarlet Ohara.

 Then we work on looking over our shoulders.


I’m sharing these postures with you so that you can be your own detective and see if maybe you have some pain spots too that need some TLC.







I hear all the time how intimidating holistic living can seem to be and how hard it is too squeeze into your busy life.


I have a weekly blog and private group where I cover holistic living and almost every week go live covering yoga, mediation, breathing exercises, and/or self-care.  


This blog and community are filled with simple and approachable tips, techniques and practical holistic living advice.


Share your experience with me in the comments below, or send me a private message and let me know how you feel after you try out the tips and techniques I share weekly here.  ❤️


Have a beautiful day and Namaste, 

Jen James

Celestial Yoga, LLC 



p.s.  ❤️ Feel free to reply back or send me a DM/PM if you have any questions or comments.  I'm here to listen.


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