How Constantly Being Busy Affects Your Well-Being

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How Constantly Being Busy Affects Your Well-Being

How Constantly Being Busy Affects Your Well-Being



“One can find time for everything if one is never in a hurry.”

-Mikhail Bulgakov



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Imagine it’s 5 years from now and you feel more freedom, peace, and calm than you ever have in your adult life.😌


You utilize your skills and talents regularly and joyfully.


You are able to bring your best self forward and answer your calling of being a soulful and impactful woman.


BUT …… Right now, You believe that you have a calling in life and worry that you've wasted the past few years.💔 


You yearn to find more time in your day to reach your calling and utilize your skills and talents.


You’re aware that there is no such thing as a quick fix or magic bullet.ðŸĪ·‍♀ïļ


I truly believe that by reflecting and journaling plus setting clear boundaries with yourself and others you are able to manage your stress holistically and naturally, with consistency and over time. 


Then and only then can you feel more freedom, peace, and calm and be able to begin tackling your goals of being the best advocate, parent, artist, grandma, (you name it) you can be.🙏  


These beautiful goals depend on you being your best self first so that you have energy and time to give to others.


Having a simple yet effective Self-Care practice in place helps with managing stress naturally which can help aid with sleep issues too. ðŸ§˜ðŸŧ‍♀ïļ


I share a ton of simple and actionable tips in my FREE SOS 10-Day Video Series.  


 âĪïļThis series is all about practicing SELF-CARE, plus ORGANIZING and PRIORITIZING, so that you can be on your way to being the SOULFUL and IMPACTFUL woman you've always meant to be (just didn't have the time or energy for!)


But first I want to tell you my story and why I believe being busy affects our well-being.


As you know I’ve been a yoga and ðŸ§˜ðŸŧ‍♀ïļmeditation teacher as well as a health coach for many years now.


But I too struggled with always feeling the need to be busy.


To feel a sense of productivity was almost a high for me.


I was raised that you should always be “doing something” and that hard work won’t kill you.


I always worried that if I wasn’t always busying myself and productive that I would let my boss, my dad, or whoever down.😓


Never questioning for a moment that I was letting myself down.


Never realizing that having downtime to reflect within was even more important to my well-being, my relationships, and my business.


Let me backtrack.


Maybe you can relate.  



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A lot of the struggles I went through were because I wasn't in tune with myself and worried more about what others thought.☝ïļ


I’ve suffered from depression, anxiety, and stress.


I was a drug addict, an emotional eater, and suffered from bulimia.


I’ve survived multiple broken bone injuries and many emergency surgeries (lots of accidents!).


My husband and I were on the brink of claiming bankruptcy.


I was sick ALL THE TIME (cold, flu, and viruses) 


Almost all of these could have been avoided if I was more mindful and present and gotten help (professionally and personally).


Being constantly busy and worrying about what others thought could’ve ended me (mentally and physically).


But it didn’t.🙌


I had so many dreams, aspirations and goals swirling around in my head but never took the time to write them down, mull over them and come up with a plan.


I was too busy for that!


Well …. No longer am I putting everyone else's needs before mine.💊 


Everyone is important including you and me!ðŸĪ—


What I’ve learned through all of this is that I am resourceful, scrappy and resilient.  


I’m a survivor and a thriver!🌷


I know you can be too because like me you are more than your story.


You are more than what has happened to you.


You are a blessing to this world and are loved by more than you know.


Life is short and fragile.


In 2 short years, I lost over a dozen people in my life.ðŸ˜Ē


I want to share with you a few strategies that have worked for me that you can implement right away.


Sound appealing to you?  Great! ðŸ“ēSign up for my FREE SOS 10 Day Video Series here.


âĪïļThis series is all about practicing SELF-CARE, plus ORGANIZING and PRIORITIZING, so that you can be on your way to being the SOULFUL and IMPACTFUL woman you've always meant to be (just didn't have the time or energy for!)



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