Why rituals work and 4 easy tips to implement them now

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Why rituals work and 4 easy tips to implement them now

Why rituals work and 4 easy tips to implement them now

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As per this article scientific american The reasons why rituals are so important and effective is 

☝️Rituals performed after experiencing losses – from loved ones to lotteries – do alleviate grief, and rituals performed before high-pressure tasks – like singing in public – do in fact reduce anxiety and increase people’s confidence.

and then the article further states that

☝️performing rituals with the intention of producing a certain result appears to be sufficient for that result to come true.


Are you an anxious🙁 woman who's wondering how you can free up some mental 🧠 space so that you can learn to appreciate the little things, live more in the moment and make your life joyful (again) then this is for you!🫶


👉 I chose today's topic because just like you because I too have felt overwhelmed by my thoughts and my to-do list.  I have (and still do at times) struggle with anxiety, worry, and minor depression.


I want to share with you why I feel having rituals in place is so important to my life and how it’s changed me. 🙂


I never realized how important having rituals in place actually was to my mind and soul until I started the journey of taking my business online.💖


I taught in person for over 18 years but when the pandemic hit I realized that taking my business online was a priority.


Plus, my mom was seriously ill and my parents live very far away.💔


I wanted to be able to have the flexibility to take my business on the road with me to wherever I needed to be.🙏


Shortly afterward I had minor surgery🤕 that went very wrong which led to me being ill for a few months.🤒


Then my mom passed away.💔


Once I felt better physically and mentally after everything that has happened I started to downsize, de-clutter, and organize my personal life.🫠


Plus, I realized for my business to reach more lives and make a true difference🙌 I needed to simplify, prioritize and come up with systems and processes. 💓 This way I can hire an assistant (or two) and focus my attention on more important matters.😌


Now, this took some time, I have to be honest and this is a journey and process that’s ongoing.🥰


The truth is...We all experience the occasional negative thought. But if you always feel overwhelmed, then you need to closely examine how these thoughts are negatively impacting your lifestyle.


Mental clutter can include all of the following:

🧠worrying about the future;

🧠ruminating about the past;

🧠keeping a mental to-do list;

🧠complaints; and so on. 


 Fortunately, there are strategies and techniques you can use to clean out some space in your head. 😉


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You’ll discover how to keep up the new rituals you've learned here you can stress less and reduce your anxiety.  When practiced long enough, routines become a constant part of your daily life and quell anxious thoughts and stress naturally.  


Here are my 4 easy tips you can use right away to help you begin your ritual journey


  1.  Declutter Your Physical Environment

Physical clutter leads to mental clutter. 


Start off small, so as not to overwhelm you.  


Is there a junk drawer or sock drawer that you could tackle and organize?  


Utilize the 3 categories when organizing: Keep it, Donate, Toss (or Recycle).  I like to take all the items out of the drawer and place them in these 3 piles on the floor.  


Maybe spending 15 to 30 minutes tops.  It feels so good afterward. 


As you declutter your physical space you’ll discover that your mind is also decluttered.


  1.  Write It Down and Prioritize

This is so much my motto in life.  My husband is getting better at this but he has a long way to go when it comes to writing things down.  


I always say that you don’t need to keep everything stored in your brain. 


Choose a tool—it can be an online tool, an app, or even a pad of paper—and think of it as a storage device for all those bits and pieces of information that you need to remember. This can include appointments, phone numbers, ideas for future projects, and so on.  


I actually have developed a course based on notes I’ve been writing from the past 5 plus years of my life.  


I compiled these notes and have them tucked in a folder and picked out a lot to use (for now) and hopefully for a book in my near future.


Nothing creates as much brain clutter as an endless to-do list. Accept that you can’t do it all, and choose to focus on the things which are most important to you.


Make a short list of your top priorities, and make sure that the bulk of your brain space is devoted to the things on that list.


I like to choose the top 1 or 2 important time-consuming things I must do that day and then if I have time I can squeeze in a couple smaller tasks.


Now, there are exceptions to this.  There may be days where there are a ton of smaller tasks that need to be done.  The way I handle that is group similar items together and then spend a devoted time on those tasks.


For example, say that I have various items I need to order from Amazon.  Instead of going back and forth between various tasks I spend an hour looking for items (and comparing prices, reviews, etc.) and then putting everything in the cart.  Then when I’m finished I will place the order.  


I try to order from Amazon one time a month so I may have a few items from past weeks in the cart too.  This also helps me not impulse buy and choose to save some items for later (or take them out of my cart).



  1.  Embrace Single Tasking vs. Multi-Tasking 

 Studies have found that when we switch our attention it takes about 20 minutes to get our focus back on.  What a time waster multi-tasking is! 


I like to set a timer for 1 hour and then dive right in.  After that timer goes off, take a break, stretch and walk around.  Then go back to the task in hand or move onto another task if needed.



  1.  Put Routine Decisions on Auto-Pilot.

I wish I knew this years ago.  It’s been a game changer for me.  Small, routine tasks can occupy a lot of brain space. This can include things such as the following:

  • Mapping out meals, grocery shopping and prepping meals;
  • Deciding what you’re going to wear each day;
  • Tidying up your home, and various tasks needed to do 


You can reduce the amount of brain space that’s taken up by these routine tasks by putting them on auto-pilot. 


I use Google Calendar to set up my weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks.


Plus I use Trello to organize my To Do Lists.


I also review both of them ALL THE TIME👌 so that I can choose what I need to move to another date due to last minute, unexpected events or needing to complete the important tasks I was working on and couldn’t Finish.🙂


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Get as many small, routine tasks as you can out of your head by setting them on automatic.  That way you can use that brain power for more important life events!😁


Now, I get it when you're probably saying to yourself, Jen, that’s so much easier said than done!🤷‍♀️


Saying that you have so many people (and animals!) vying for your attention and energy.😬


I really believe that we all need help with getting routines in place so that we can live more impactful and joyful life.💃


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to support.🥰


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I want to help you skip the learning curve, and start integrating a holistic routine to build strength and flexibility in both body and mind so that you can FINALLY live a Soulful and Impactful life — ASAP.👍


☝️I promise: it’s not as hard as you think.😉


But let me prove that to you!🤗


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Once you receive this guidance and support, everything changes, and I will show you how — step by super fun step.🥳


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What’s also cool is taking the first step under no pressure! 🤗 


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Wishing you a beautiful day and Namaste,


Celestial Yoga, LLC




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