Here’s your emotional wellness toolkit

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Here’s your emotional wellness toolkit

Here’s your emotional wellness toolkit


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Your emotional wellness is crucial to living a happy and satisfying life but does this sound familiar?

I ruminate over fixing my kids and my own health problems. I know it's not helping anything but I feel if I don't take control of our health problems then no one else will.”


“I want to learn how to put the ruminating to rest and focus on positive things.”


“I feel if I don't take control of our health problems then no one else will. It keeps me in a depressed and anxious mood all the time. I know it's only adding to the chronic muscle pain I have every day.”


These anxious😥 thoughts keep us in a loop of CONSTANTLY fixating on the future while ruminating about the past.🤧  Barely, paying attention to the here and now.

👉Here’s an article that explains the signs and symptoms of anxiety Anxiety Disorders👈


  • Do you feel restless, wound up, and constantly worried?
  • Are you easily tired, have difficulty concentrating, and are often irritable?
  • Do you suffer from headaches, muscle aches, stomachaches, or unexplained pains?
  • Do you have sleep issues, where you have difficulty falling or staying asleep? 


☝️Then you, my friend, probably are suffering from anxiety.


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Managing anxiety by honoring our emotional health and wellness is key but what exactly is emotional health and wellness?🤔


Here’s the way I look at emotional health and wellness:


(1) Emotional Wellness is how we cope with life and create satisfying relationships.

(2) Intellectual Wellness is how we stimulate our thinking and engage in mental activities that positively impact our brains.  Think about solving puzzles, completing cross-word searches, or journaling about your day. 

(3) Financial Wellness is the ability to have enough money to meet our lifestyle comfortably, plan for future needs, wants, and desires plus feel a sense of control over and knowledge about our personal finances.

(4) Social Wellness is all about having a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system. This includes our personal and professional relationships plus our connection with the community and the world around us.

(5) Spiritual Wellness is how we handle moments of crisis or heightened stress while having a grateful and positive attitude so that we can energize, heal, and share hope. 


Here’s one☝️ of my favorite ways to manage your anxiety and you can do it from almost anywhere.  It’s called box breathing and you can make it inconspicuous if you need (or want to).  


It’s as simple as breathing😌 in through your nose👃 to the count of 4, holding your breath for the count of 4, then breathing out your nose to the count of 4, and then holding again for the count of 4.🌬

When you work with me💞, I share holistic living insights that I’ve learned throughout the years that have changed my life and many others that I worked with.🙌


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Once you receive this guidance and support, everything changes, and I will show you how — step by super fun step.


 😍 During our one-on-one coaching sessions, I give you support and accountability so that you can reach your goals faster. 😘


What’s also cool is taking the first step under no pressure!🫶 🙌


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I want to help you skip the learning curve, and start integrating a holistic routine to build strength and flexibility in both body and mind so that you can FINALLY live a Soulful and Impactful life — ASAP.


I promise: it’s not as hard as you think.🤗


But let me prove that to you!😉


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Wishing you a beautiful day and Namaste,


Celestial Yoga, LLC




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